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4 Ways To Survive A "Bad Dancer"

Whether you are dancing with a brand new student at the studio or socially at the club, chances are you're going to dance with a number of "bad" dancers over the years. Though dancing with a bad dancer may be both physically and socially uncomfortable, arming yourself with a few strategies can keep discomfort for both you and your partner at a minimum.

Tips and Warnings

1. If you're dancing at a studio function, you may ask your partner how long she has been dancing to better understand her skill level. Dance basics and increase your skill level until you find where her "dance ceiling" may be. Try something again if it doesn't work the first time, but then leave it and move back to basics. You will both enjoy your dance moves more when it is not forced.

2. If someone's dancing is bad because she's just started learning the dancing style, be as encouraging as you can be with her. With patience and encouragement, she's likely to become a good dancer over the next few months. Remember, someone was patient and encouraging with you while you were learning.

3. Realize that dancing with a bad dancer can point out flaws in your own technique if you're dancing in a style that's led. If you're a leader, your own leading flaws are magnified with a bad follower. If you're a follower, you can see your own habits and assumption emerge with some bad leaders. However, if your partner throws you around or willfully ignores all leads, you aren't likely to learn much about yourself.

4. While it's okay to offer suggestions to a partner if he is interested in hearing them, never teach on the dance floor. It's embarrassing and insulting to your partner if he didn't ask for it, even if you have the best of intentions. It's also rude to the other dancers around you. If the bad dancer wants a lesson, direct them to the Arthur Murray Studio and we will take care of it for you.

Yes, it's fun to dance with good dancers, but making a bad dancer feel good about the future of learning can be just as rewarding. Dance is like being on a balancing scale. Sure, a bad dancer may bring your dance level down a bit, but you are raising their level up at the same time. That can be such an amazing feeling for them. Think back to how you felt dancing with an incredible dancer. Fun, right? Now ask yourself, "Did they have just as much fun dancing with me?" If they were truly a great dancer, the answer would always be yes.

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