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Here is a little sample of what our students think about Arthur Murray : 



What an exceptional group of people we got to work with here. We went from two left feet to having a beautiful routine that we danced to at our wedding! Then proceeded to dance with confidence the entire night! Mr. Norton and Ms. Coffey, along with all of the others were just a joy to be around and total class acts. Would recommend this place to anyone and everyone!

-Erik F

I find it VERY interesting that being around music, dancing to music, and the people around me, also doing the same thing, has transformed who I am on and OFF the dance floor. Wish I could bottle this stuff up. EVERYONE should have the happiness and benefits that dancing at Arthur Murray Studios (Madison and Sun Prairie) provides to all their students. From the physical transformation (toned legs, back, abs) to the vivid improvement in posture, which translates to positive confidence. My work has improved and the positive energy that I now feel, is noticed by my co workers and friends. Even my wardrobe has transformed. Buying shirts that flow well during dance, wearing a vest as well now. Got nicer shoes as I notice my feet ALOT lately. :-) I take pride in my appearance, with the fact that I am able to dance at any time of the day, or when ANY opportunity arises to move to the music. Even listening to music is dramatically enhanced. I hear the beat and envision which style of dance would best fit for that music. The instructors are amazing. they LOVE what they do and it shows in how they share their love of dance with the students. All this is great and almost expected in a well established, professional dance studio...what is not expected is the sincere personal interest Mr. Ken Norton and his team, has with all the students. Mr. Norton knows very well, that dancing can improve all aspects of your life, and he wants nothing but the best for his students. Keep up the great make this community a better place to live through your teachings.

-David O

When I first started at Arthur Murray, I had just started learning to swing dance with friends. I tend to be fairly nervous in new social situations, and I was worried that I wouldn’t quite “fit in” with something like ballroom dancing. I was worried about making mistakes, looking foolish, and even just being myself. Luckily for me, I could not have been more unfounded in my concerns. The staff at Arthur Murray have been kind, patient and encouraging from the absolute beginning. Their constant affirmation and support have created an environment where I could not only recognize those problems, but also feel comfortable enough to work through them. Since starting at Arthur Murray, I’ve overcome anxiety issues, found new levels of courage I didn’t know I had, and broken free of perfectionism. Their staff value me as a customer and a person, and I never have to worry about being “good enough.” They are funny, gifted, diligent, committed and knowledgeable, they are consistently flexible with my dancing goals, and the environment in the studios is always positive. The staff are passionate about their work and their craft, always learning not only new moves but also new ways to teach, and the studios are always immaculate. Dancing has made me a healthier, more vibrant and confident person—not to mention a better storyteller—which is my passion—and I literally would not be the person I am today without their help. For anyone looking for topnotch teaching from professional, encouraging teachers with individualized pacing, lessons and schedules, look no further than Arthur Murray dance studios in Sun Prairie and Madison

-Abigail M

My Fiancee and I are taking lessons for our upcoming wedding. We want to surprise our family and friends when they see us dance at the reception. Our instructor has been amazing to work with as we prepare for our big day. This is great way to have fun and gain confidence.

-Mindi W

Excellent Instruction. Friendly people. Wonderful setting. 

- Groupon User



Very welcoming environment for those of us who were born with two left feet. Our instructor was fun, affirming and made it pretty stress-free experience. 

- Groupon User



The staff is very friendly and will get you dancing very quickly and confidently. Would recommend this experience to anyone. 

- Joe B.



Thanks for always keeping lessons -- private or group -- upbeat and fun. Keep smiling!!

- Groupon User



I love our instructors at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Madison. I have always thought of myself as a Clumsy Duckling, and never thought I could learn anything like ballroom dancing. Our teachers are positive, supportive and very, very patient! Ballroom dancing truly has changed my life. When my husband and I dance, I let go all the stress of the day. We are physically active almost every evening. Dancing makes me happier than walking on a treadmill ever has. I've lost weight and regained flexibility and stamina. Dancing at Arthur Murray Madison is the BEST!!

- Tina I. 



I can see why this place is rated 5 stars! Great instruction, awesome environment and most importantly TONS OF FUN! I loved the atmosphere of the friday night party!

- Zach W.



I came in believing that I just couldn't dance. Now, I am starting to believe it might be possible. They have broken down the dance steps to make it easy to learn and to be a believer. 

- Groupon Use



I would recommend anyone to Arthur Murray who is interested in learning more about dance. The staff is super friendly, extremely competent, and knowledgeable. I can trust that I am receiving superior dance instruction during every lesson. They can teach any dance so if there is one in particular that interests you take advantage of your free first lesson and start learning!

- Elizabeth M.



I love Arthur Murray Dance Studio! I have tried many other types of dance (Bollywood, Hip-hop, Jazz, Ballet, Tap etc.) but none of them were 'me.' I decided to give Ballroom a try. I sampled several studios from the Madison area, but by far the Arthur Murray Studio was the best. The staff and everyone there was very friendly and welcoming. I felt like family the minute I walked in through the door.

- Dorie J.



I'm a technologist who enjoys and is (passively) interested in many of the arts including music and architecture and, to some extent active in photography. Bottom line, I usually can better recognize art than perform it. That said, I decided I wanted to be comfortable in a social situation where there are women who want to have fun with men who can show them a good time on the dance floor. I decided to try out Arthur Murray. Technically, I'm progressing. Artistically, I progress and I plateau and I progress and I plateau and... The folks at the studio are incredibly patient with me and they suffer my questions. We all learn by different means, and the teaching staff recognizes that, if they try to deal with my questions as best they can, I can continue to progress. I'm even finding that I can now understand what it feels like to dance with somebody who doesn't know what she's doing. Now, THAT is a revelation! The best part is in being part of her continuing learning experience.

- Dick H.



When my husband and I heard that Arthur Murray was coming to Madison we were so excited. And we have not been disappointed. The professional staff makes learning fun for people new to the dance floor- even for the most shy dancers. We have a new confidence that we can actually get out on the floor at social gatherings and not "sit out" as we have done for so many years. It's good exercise and we couldn't be happier.

- Diana N.



I would recommend anyone to Arthur Murray who is interested in learning more about dance. The staff is super friendly, extremely competent, and knowledgeable. I can trust that I am receiving superior dance instruction during every lesson. They can teach any dance so if there is one in particular that interests you take advantage of your free first lesson and start learning!

- Judy Z.


After year's of begging my husband to learn to dance, he finally agreed when our daughter's wedding came up in May. I was nervous that he wasn't going to enjoy himself, but the people at Arthur Murray made it so much fun and so easy. My husband not only fell in love with dancing, I think he fell in love with me a little more than before. Thank you to everyone at Arthur Murray for making not only the wedding great, but our lives greater as well.

- Becky M. 



We had so much fun at Arthur Murray. My fiancee was a little hesitant to get out on the floor at first, but WOW did they make it fun and easy! The staff was very helpful and we can't wait to show off our wedding dance to everyone in Madison.

- A Google User



If you want to learn how to dance this is the place. They are friendly,professional, make you feel comfortable and get you actually dancing in a couple of lessons. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to learn to dance. I now have the confidence to get on the dance floor and have fun.

- A Google User



We started going to Arthur Murray to learn a few dance steps before our wedding, but we've done so much more. My husband and I are now confident enough to dance in all social situations and to all types of music. The staff are knowledgeable, professional, fun, patient, and overall - amazing.

- A Google User



A good, experienced, and very friendly instructor.

- Groupon User



Sun Prairie location is convenient, the instructors are fun & knowledgeable and the studio is beautiful. 

- Groupon User



I have been getting my private lessons now and I love them. My instructor is very good and very patient! He is also very encouraging. The is a great place to learn.

- Groupon User



Wonderful guys, patient instructor, only had one class but remakable what we learned in 45 minutes!

- Groupon User



We've enjoyed our lessons at the studio! The people are very nice, work around busy schedules, and are great teachers. I've mentioned how great this place is to many people. 

- Groupon User

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